Otis AI

$100 Credit

Create data-driven ad campaigns, reach customers & grow your business! Otis is an all-in-one solution designed to make digital marketing simple & accessible for growing small businesses. Otis learns which ads are performing best & delivers those ads to your customers while finding new customers similar to them to increase your performance. 


How it works

Otis works in 3 simple steps:

1. Sync your data-sources or existing customer list 

With the help of this data, over time, Otis will learn which ads are doing best and deliver those ads to your customers while finding new customers similar to them.

This helps make targeting more effective and improve performance.

2. Start creating your campaigns

Select all the social platforms you want to advertise on. You can customize the location and audience you want to reach.

Choose a high quality image, write captivating ad copy, and schedule your campaign.

3. Easily track your performance

See how your campaigns perform in one beautiful, clean snapshot.

While you’re busy focusing on your work, Otis dynamically adjusts your budget to improve your performance and provide AI recommendations.

**GoSite customers receive $100 in ad credit when you spend $100.

Problems Otis Solves

  • Budget-friendly alternative to agencies
  • User-friendly app ( as compared to other solutions_
  • Simple solution for those that don’t have the time or resources to manage different social platforms.
  • For those who are having a hard time reaching their customers and finding new ones to do business with

Key Benefits

  1. Retarget Existing Customers
    • Utilize targeted ads and sponsored social media posts to automatically bring customers, who have previously done business with you, back to your website.
  2. Find New Customers
    • Based on your existing customers’ characteristics, Otis automatically creates your custom audience by identifying similar individuals and advertising you to them.
  3. Conversion tracking
    • In one clear, beautiful snapshot, see your return on investment and other metrics right in the OTIS app. Our customers see, on average, 10x return on ad spend with some achieving over 40x!
  4. Automatic Campaign Optimization 
    • OTIS uses A.I. to constantly test different changes in strategy to effectively deliver your campaigns to the right audience, the right channel, and the right time. 
  5. Sell on Social Platforms
    • Gain more sales by showing visitors the items they previously viewed or added to their cart right in their Facebook, Instagram, or Google feed




per month

+10% monthly ad spend

Pro clients get assigned a dedicated marketing assistant who will proactively monitor and manage your campaigns and optimize across platforms and spend to drive the best results. You’ll be able to track results from your phone.



per month

+12% ad spend

Best for those that have an established business and are looking to maximize ROI at a budget-friendly cost.



per month

+15% ad spend

Taking the first step in using digital marketing to grow your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can Otis help me?

Otis is an affordable solution for digital marketing that's simple yet effective.

You can launch an ad campaign with our intuitive workflow in less than five minutes for Facebook, Google, and Instagram.

Our data-driven AI will work in the background to find your customers on social media if you choose existing customers. For new customers, Otis will find ones with similar attributes as yours which means you get the best CPC (cost per click) on your ad budget.

How does the AI work?

Our AI is looking at your existing customers’ social media accounts, purchase history, and other items to find new customers similar to your customer base and connect with your current ones on their social media to retain brand loyalty. 

The AI will also move your daily ad budget across all platforms based upon performance and provide recommendations.

What does the pro plan offer me?

Our experts will come up with an ad strategy across all platforms to make sure you are making the most out of your ad budget. Then implement those strategies to make sure your campaign launch is super successful. 

All of our clients on the pro membership couldn't be happier. Our team is committed to applying their expertise on your campaigns to reach that same level of success. If interested, you can fill out Otis pro plan inquiry and we will be in touch!

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